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produced by Breahlyn Marquez | from the forthcoming EP Water and Sound

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on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/pure-etc/stiletto-stoner
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Los Angeles rapper Pure ETC presents Stilleto Stoner, the new single from his forthcoming EP Water and Sound. Pure has opened for Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross, and recently signed a distribution deal with InGrooves Fontana/Universal. He describes his style as “vintage Hip Hop with a twist of lime. The 4 tenants of hip hop are peace, love, unity, and having fun, and this is what I want people to feel when they hear my music.” “Stiletto Stoner” is produced by Dallas-bred, NYC-based Breahlyn Marquez, currently working with Styles P and Aftermath artist John Connor. “I wanted to expand on that theme of the working woman who smokes,” says Pure regarding “Stoner”, which he says “expands on the idea that weed is becoming accepted by the mainstream and people don’t have to be shamed to not smoke. This song is about that successful woman who throws it down in all areas of her life, and still can kick back and smoke freely.” Water and Sound is set to drop late spring.


directed by John Ledbetter of Sun Chase Media & PHZ-Sicks
song produced by Best Kept Secret | from new album The Moment, out now

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video at youtube.com/watch?v=jALhbkwY5FQ
“Black Women” on Soundcloud | iTunes | Bandcamp
purchase the album signed by PHZ at phz-sicks.bandcamp.com
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Woodbridge, VA rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents the John Ledbetter-directed music video for “Black Women”, the Best Kept Secret-produced song from The Moment, his new album featuring Detroit rapper/singer Scolla, singer Alison Carney, DMV rapper Lyriciss and fellow Triple S crew member Seanny Greggs as well as production from Stompboxx Music, Epik the Dawn, Kriss Liss and Kajmir Royale. PHZ was a 2011 DMV Best VA Male Rap Artist nominee, has opened for Wale and J. Cole, and 2DopeBoyz gave The Moment honorable mention for best mixtapes in 2013. “In this video, I wanted to capture the beauty, power, and love that’s embodied in black women,” says PHZ-Sicks. “For that I opted to not be in the video and let the camera capture the message of the song as well as the genuine beauty inside and out for women of color.” Click here to watch a video documenting the making of The Moment, and visit PHZ-Sick’s Bandcamp page to purchase a personally signed and messaged CD copy.


produced by CUSCINO

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single at soundcloud.com/buddy-lofton-1/love-potion-produced-by-cuscino
Buddy on Instagram | Youtube | Twitter [@tastethesoupsr] | Soundcloud
CUSCINO on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter [@cuscino] | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | cuscino.co

Queens, NYC rapper Buddy Lofton presents “Love Potion”, his new single produced by Los Angeles producer CUSCINO. The two began working together after Buddy played the lead role in A Smile, which CUSCINO scored. “‘Love Potion’ came about as a result of the film itself, and my process while scoring it,” CUSCINO said. “Writer/Director Matthew Torchon paired me with Lofton to create something unique. What resulted was exactly that: a record that channels the spirit of the film, capturing a young man’s search for happiness within a fierce urban landscape and his own personal trappings.” Describing his style, Buddy says “We are all under the influence of something the world has to offer. It’s not just about drugs or alcohol; it’s about media outlets, religion, love, family and failures. Something has influenced you to become the person you are this very moment, and I’m always expanding upon this idea through my music – capturing certain moments, thoughts and vices from my life that have influenced me to be who I am today.” Buddy’s last release was the full-length Under The Influence (click to listen), and CUSCINO’s was the Eternality EP (click to listen).

single: MOE, “MF” produced by Young Kico

single: MOE, “MF” produced by Young Kico single at soundcloud.com/moe_music/moe-mf-prod-by-young-kico download Is Anybody Listening 3 on DatPiff Twitter [@dussume] | Soundcloud

New Orleans rapper Moe presents the “MF”, his new single produced by Young Kico. Born at Charity Hospital – the same hospital as Lil Wayne – both his parents were incarcerated by the time he was 6, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. Moe was writing rhymes by the time she moved him to Los Angeles a few years later, “often times rapping about my parents,” he says. “No resentment lyrics though, just my thoughts on the situation.” A few school expulsions later he was back in New Orleans, playing basketball and recording the songs that would lead to 2012, the year he dropped a staggering four mixtapes. “I heard the beat for ‘MF’ and it had a club feel so I went into it with that mindset,” says Moe. “I just wanted to make something fun that would appeal to a club crowd.”

video: MATT G, “ZONED OUT”

video: MATT G, “ZONED OUT”
produced by Burnell Washburn
from the forthcoming album Imagipashun

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at youtube.com/watch?v=5fRG4ywgjQ8
download “Zoned Out” at soundcloud.com/mattgmuzik/zoned-out-prod-burnell
MattGMuzik.com | Twitter [@mgmuzik] | Facebook

Austin, Texas rapper Matt G presents the music video for “Zoned Out”, the new single from his forthcoming album Imagipashun. Salt Lake City producer Burnell Washburn handles production duties on “Zoned Out”, joining the Imagipashun production roster which also includes XV producer TheAwesomeSound as well as Atlanta beastmith Nobody Famous. Matt has performed alongside Killah Priest, Project Blowed, Tracy Morgan, Illogic, Blueprint and more. “‘I wanted to capture the madness of the world while offering my perspective on that madness from my point of view,” says Matt of the “Zoned Out” video, which was filmed during Halloween in Austin. Matt describes Imagipashun as “a concept driven from the combined ideas of creative emotional and mental emancipation from the shackles of mundane every day life using your imagination. I feel artists get shunned for wanting to live out their dreams and utilize their talents as a means to live that life every day. It just doesn’t suit us and I know the ‘average person’ can relate to that in many ways. That’s where the idea stemmed from, which is why I combined imagination, emancipation, and shun all in a fitting re-interpretation.”



f. Chris Clarke, J-Thorn, Gajah, Express Fresh, BeOND, Capsize, Gel Roc & Pause
on Liquid Noise Records

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at mute-speaker.bandcamp.com/album/take-yourself-apart
Twitter [@mute_speaker] | Soundcloud | Facebook

Brighton, UK producer Mute Speaker presents Take Yourself Apart, featuring Chris Clarke, J-Thorn, Gajah, Express Fresh, BeOND, Capsize, Gel Roc & Pause. Mute has three full-lengths of material out : 2010′s Baboon Poetry, 2011′s Smart Bomb, 2012′s Post Block, 2013’s Spook Meter EP, Dripfeeders & the collab album with Gajah On & Offspring featuring Shuanise & Open Mike Eagle. “My intentions of making a proper hip hop album with lots of guest featuring MC’s finally began to come together toward the end of 2013,” says Mute Speaker about the project. “I was lucky enough to meet LA MC Malkovich whilst travelling in southeast Asia, which led to some great new introductions – most noticably Chris Clarke, who appears on seven tracks on the album. After becoming a little tired of the current ‘beat scene’, it was always my plan to try and take the music back to what I enjoy the most – dusty, heavy sample based boom bap beats – although there’s always room for a little experimentation along the way.”


video: YA BOY HARDHEADED, “ODD MAN OUT” produced by Pro Prospek | directed by Focus Cinema TV from the album 7000&1 at youtube.com/watch?v=s-YSVJbtETo download “Odd Man Out” on Soundcloud YaBoyHardheaded.com | Twitter [@yaboyhardheaded] | Facebook | iTunes

New Orleans rapper Ya Boy Hardheaded presents the Focus Cinema-directed music video for “Odd Man Out”, a song from his album 7000&1.  “Odd Man Out” is produced by Pro Prospek, who won Producer Of The Year at the 2010 New Orleans Underground HipHop Awards. “I have been constantly criticized by people in my life for my interest and love for hip hop,” says Hardheaded. “I got the name Hardheaded from my family because I like to do things my way. I slapped ‘ya boy’ on there because that’s what I tell people when I’m snapping on them, like “look at ya boy… he looks like ya uncle” or whatever. Being a hardheaded person and loving hiphop and feeling like I really never fit into what people thought I should be or wanted me to be, I always called myself the Odd Man Out and instead of being pissed off just I accepted it and kept doing what I liked to do.”


produced by Hovey Benjamin | directed by Joseph Pleasants

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video at youtube.com/watch?v=c9eLM6EpQYY&feature=youtu.be
download “Alt Bitcs” on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/drmillionaire/altbitcs
Twitter [@isaiahraps] | Instagram [@drmillionaire]

Richmond, VA rapper Dr. Millionaire presents the Joseph Pleasants-directed music video for “Alt Bitcs”, his Hovey Benjamin-produced new single. “‘Alt Bitcs’ is inspired by all tha cute art school babes living in Richmond,” explains Dr. Millionaire. “The song describes selling weed and sipping lean and killing shows. References to artists I heard about on Pitchfork. An affinity for beautiful alternative women. Art school girls with pink hair and tattoos. Hypebeast chicks that rock Palace and Hood By Air. College girls that shop at Rumors Boutique and upscale hipsters that shop at Need Supply Co. All of them riding their fixies through the city. I have two mixtapes, an EP and a few more videos ready to go in 2014. My plan is to keep writing songs and meet as many gorgeous alt bitcs as possible.”