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KiD CuDi Talks Creative Process & Designing

In a conversation directed by the folks over at illRoots, CuDi explains his general creative process as a musician. KiD CuDi was 1 of 6 artists chosen this year to design his own label for Beck’s beer. Then, he breaks down his label design for Beck’s, explaining that each of the 3 rings represent a different installment of his Man on the Moon trilogy. The 3rd and final installment of which is slated for release next year. Take a closer look at his design below.


Hypetrak TV: Cassie – Progressive Change

We caught up with Bad Boy’s bad girl recently, just days after the release of her Rockabyebaby mixtape to discuss her project, the modeling days, the infamous hair-do, fans, friendships and what she’s been up to the past six years since her debut project. A classic case of more than what meets the eye, there’s a newfound confidence in Cassie that’s reflective in her latest music offerings, and and from the looks of it, a new album and fashion accessories line will be coming sooner than later. Until then, be sure to check out her latest mixture here.