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“Decline and Fall,” An Exclusive Online-Only Exhibition

Francesca Gavin curates her (and Artsy’s) first-ever online exhibition, exploring the weight of history on contemporary art and including for-sale works by Amy Bessone, Oliver Laric, Sara VanDerBeek, and more. “These artists are forging new approaches to art and aesthetic language through the fragmentary, the found, and the forgotten,” says Gavin. On view March 26–April 16, 2014.

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Philippe Pasqua’s Life-Size T-Rex is Invading Paris


Sculpted by Philippe Pasqua, the life sized model Tyrannosaurus Rex currently standing over the Seine river in Paris is built of 350 chrome molded bones and was created to promote contemporary art along the river. A replica of dinosaur remains discovered in China, Pasqua’s reconstruction is perfected right down to its long tail and teeth, making this sculpture a showcase of his artistic ingenuity as well as of its shock value.

Author: Zahra Jamshed / Source: designboom