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video: CEASROCK, “ALL MY $”
directed by ilovenewyork.us | beat produced by 514IndoRecordz

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video at youtube.com/watch?v=F88Xafq2bZo&feature=youtu.be
download the Zero Gravity EP on Bandcamp
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Montreal rapper CeasRock presents the ilovenewyork.usMedia-directed video for “All My $”, the new 514IndoRecordz-produced single from his Zero Gravity EP which features Uness, Loe Pesci, I.Blast and Boy 6lue as well as production from Vincent Pryce and DeeJay IZ. Born Sam Karimi, Ceas is a spokesman for Montreal urban site Mook-Life.com, as well as founder of his own movement, REAL LIFE. Videos have already been released for “Faceless” (click to watch), “10.5” (click to watch), “Mook Life Pt. 1” (click to watch) and “M.O.E.” (click to watch). “While I was writing for this EP, money was definitely on my mind,” says Ceas. “From how I was to earn it, to how much of it I needed to spend, it was looming over my thoughts heavy. I wrote All My $ from this perspective. I was hungry and I didn’t know how I was supposed to eat. The verses depict that hunger from a young desperate man’s view, and an older, equally hungry, man’s perspective. I didn’t feel like performing the verses in the video because the verses weren’t necessarily about me. So I focused on the feeling instead of a literal depiction of the lyrics. I recently graduated from university, but I have no intentions of using my degree to get a job. So, with that in mind, one day I was cleaning out my garage of about ten years worth of school papers, textbooks, old bills, etc… I thought to myself, I didn’t want to just toss it out, I wanted more closure. So I had the idea of burning them in a ceremonial bonfire. I’m burning the old me..I’m burning All My $.” Zero Gravity is available now on Ceasrock’s Bandcamp page.
Written By: James Dunn



featuring Scolla, Alison Carney, Lyriciss and Seanny Greggs


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Woodbridge, VA rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents The Moment, his new album featuring Detroit rapper/singer Scolla, singer Alison Carney, DMV rapper Lyriciss and fellow Triple S crew member Seanny Greggs as well as production from Stompboxx Music, Best Kept Secret, Epik the Dawn, Kriss Liss and Kajmir Royale. The album’s release comes on the heels of the John Ledbetter-directed music video for “Coming Down” (click to watch) as well as the single releases of “The Love Scene III” (click to listen) and “Black Women” (click to listen). PHZ was a 2011 DMV Best VA Male Rap Artist nominee and has opened for Wale, J. Cole and more. “This project was two years in the making, starting from the writing process, beat selection, constant musical changes and hours inside the studio to get where we are today,” says PHZ-Sicks. “The album is called The Moment because I feel with everything I put into it, this is the moment where my life changes. Where I get to pursue this passion like there is no tomorrow and finally reaping the rewards of the sacrifices I made to get to this point. The Moment is the embodiment of me and it’s all I can give to the world.” Click here to watch a video documenting the making of The Moment, and visit PHZ-Sick’s Bandcamp page to purchase a personally signed and messaged CD copy.


directed by Dylan Verrechia | beat produced by Logan P. McCoy
video at youtube.com/watch?v=zJZEACR8Buk
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LuckyLogan.com | Twitter [@luckylogan] | Facebook

Brooklyn rapper Logan P. McCoy presents the Dylan Verrechia-directed music video for “Black Morning”, the new single from his EP Strength Of Character. “Black Morning” captures the frustration I felt as a young man in desperate need for personal change but without a clue as to how to bring about this change in my life,” says Logan. “We all go through growing pains and we all have our unique ways of dealing. In my alcohol and weed fueled meditation, I reached the conclusion that death might be the necessary catalyst for the change that I was so desperately seeking.” Logan describes the Strength Of Character EP as “an experiment that became the foundation of a new sound. Initially my idea was to poke fun at ’90s style rock/pop music that MTV had made popular. Being first and foremost an underground MC, I thought it would be funny being that I didn’t play any instruments and knew nothing about making rock music. Having no band or instruments to craft the sound I had in mind, I decided to follow the Hip Hop tradition that I came from of flipping what I had to accomplish my goals.” Strength Of Character is available now on Logan’s Bandcamp page.

Written By: James Dunn



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After three years as the Stereo Boyz and countless mixtapes, EPs and songs, Mixo and Mic Audio a.k.a. Stereo Boyz present their official debut album Carz, Clubz & Theaterz. Work on the album started as early as the Stereo Boyz were formed. Coming from the Detroit Hip Hop crew Rhyme Asylum, Mixo, Mic Audio and Kid Boombox started developing a new sound, something more fitting for themselves and without the restrictions they had faced during the years before. “This album is our best work to date, the best from the past three years, and we are already working on tomorrow,” says Mixo. “It’s everything we are as Stereo Boyz, from the moment we started until now. We hope our fans see that. And we look forward to how people respond to the album, both good and bad. We can’t wait to see our impact on Hip Hop.”


Author: James Dunn






Subliminal Innocence at soundcloud.com/eric-dingus/sets/subliminal-innocence
EricDingusMusic.com | on Twitter (@EricDingus) | Bandcamp | Youtube

18-year-old Austin, Texas producer presents his fourth instrumental project, the Subliminal Innocence EP, out now. “Like many of my releases, the main vibe is ethereal or dreamy instrumentals,” says Eric. “I wanted to show that this dreamy vibe could have variety, and work as a full length project. It was inspired by my depression, Japanese horror movies, video game soundtracks, and just the music I enjoy – hip hop and electronic music. I want people to figure out for themselves what they think the title means, and how it connects the music.” About the lead single “Teach You How To Love” Eric says “I’ve never been in love, so the only thing i know how to love at this time in my life is music. It was inspired by how I hope in the future i can understand love for other people.” Eric has worked with artists like Main Attrakionz, The 6th Letter, Bones, Chris Travis, Amber London and Ethel Wulf.

author: James Dunn
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