Submit for feature

We’ve created an application process for submitting music/video kits, articles, film material, art packages, & fashion detail to help organize for our field community here at Quillitch (to provide our clients the well deserved listening/promo agreements).

Email your product link whether it be a soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp or vimeo link to us at along with a 140 character bio. Provide your social media links {Twitter,Instagram}.


Email us your order. { subject: order receipt }

Here Are The Rates, Which Are The Lowest On Twitter. ( After Payment is Received We Will Respond Within 24 Hours )

Promotional services

$5 for 5 Tweets

{ 1 Tweets Per Day } { 5 Day Promo }

$10 for 10 Tweets

{ 2 Tweets Per Day } {  5 Day Promo }

Website Feature

$10 for {music} website feature

$15 for {video/film} website feature

$10 for {fashion brand/product} website feature


$10 for 4000 plays (1 day promo)

$40 for 6000 plays (4 day promo)


$15 for 500 IG followers

$20 for 500 IG likes {email IG link}

$55 for 1500 IG followers

$60 for 1500 IG likes {email IG link}

Author’s Charge

$5 per article/submission

$10 if it contains a video


All payments should be made via paypal.

Click Send Money option tab

Send money to for goods and services

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