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“Decline and Fall,” An Exclusive Online-Only Exhibition

Francesca Gavin curates her (and Artsy’s) first-ever online exhibition, exploring the weight of history on contemporary art and including for-sale works by Amy Bessone, Oliver Laric, Sara VanDerBeek, and more. “These artists are forging new approaches to art and aesthetic language through the fragmentary, the found, and the forgotten,” says Gavin. On view March 26–April 16, 2014.

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Interview with creator of clothing line “Local Tourist” – Eric Fobair

How did you get into fashion?

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in fine arts. To start a clothing company was a dream of mine since I was a teenager. In the last year of college, I just had to do it.

Tell us about your collections.

This new collection is based around our new mantra GUARD YOUR HEART FEED YOUR MIND. That was an organic personal statement that worked itself into the brand. Its something I truly believe in and am trying to live by. We’re trying to put out a positive message without being overt, ie PMA (positive mental attitude).

How would you describe your design

I’ve always been a simplified in my design aesthetic. The new wave recently has been about stripping down to black and white but that as always been the Local Tourist style, maybe moving forward to go left of the curve we’ll start doing color. The brand started as simplified line drawings of female faces, moved into repetition of the Local Tourist logo, collaborations and now we’re motivated to put out our own message of positivity.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I’d like to think I get my inspiration from my personal life, as I’ve undergone a discipline of personal growth recently and started reading a lot of books, hence FEED YOUR MIND. I’m also influenced in what I see, what I listen to, sometimes its to add to those influences and sometimes it is in reaction to those as to do something different because I’m seeing a lot of the same thing. One of our newest tees coming out very soon simply says ORIGINAL CONTENT

How much does travel influence your designs?

Local Tourist isn’t necessarily about physical travel in that respect. More so, to travel in your mind, thoughts and notions. As to not become localized so much in your thinking or way of being. To not be afraid to become a tourist in your thoughts, explore new influences and ways to approach situations.

How does that inspiration turn into reality?

One just can’t sit and think, it is really about doing. That’s what I encourage my peers to do, more doing than thinking. What we do this week, sets up next weeks results. If you want a bigger bank account, deeper relationships, or weight loss; one just can’t think about it, read about it…after the research one has to put that plan into action and in that the process may be unfamiliar (Tourist) but soon it will become a Local way to do your new program and you’ll start getting positive results.

What’s your connection to Minneapolis today?

Geographically I’m closer to the capital and sister city St. Paul. I was born in the suburbs, moved to North Dallas as a teenager; graduated high school there and went to OU. Lived 7 years in Los Angeles, had a pop up store in DTLA for almost 2 years, I like to say I’m a Local Tourist. Minneapolis is a great city, lots of culture and influence; one of my favorite places to go is the Walker Art Center.

Is there any place in the world you haven’t been to yet but would like to visit from a professional perspective?

I’ve never been over seas; I definitely need to see the world, something overdue.

Who do you think is the ideal “Local Tourist” women?

I’d say a woman that holds the same core values as the brand does. One that is mindful of their heart and one that feeds her mind with knowledge.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

My personal style is definitely simple, lol. Nike Air max 90s all day, Levi’s 501, polo and other Nike tops. There was a time in my life where all the tops I wore was Local Tourist but then it got to feel like a uniform, it’s freeing to support others who I admire.

Can you tell us about your Spring 2014 collection.
What’s next for you professionally?

One thing we’re really excited about is these next three months (March-May) are mixes with Spintelect, League of Starz, and Fat Tony. I’ve had personal relationships with all and to finally do a project together is a win win situation. I’ve been getting a little more involved in music and its exciting. We’re also developing a high-end accessory line for Local Tourist. The future is bright!

We were graced with the opportunity to have Eric Fobair share his thoughts with us and would like to share with you all some other links to continue to follow the entrepreneurial mind behind “Local Tourist.”

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Local Tourist has released a number of promotional mixtapes, most recently The French Kiss Playlist Pt. 1 by Aei (click to stream on Soundcloud). Click here for a promo video of the spring line. Keep up with Local Tourist on their Karmaloop Kazbah page.

Exclusive Interview : Artist Emily Lovejoy with Streets Connect

Exclusive Interview : Artist Emily Lovejoy with Streets Connect

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Streets Connect | Emily | @StarkObsession | Facebook

Thanks for taking the time to build with us, Emily. First off, congratulations on winning the RAW Nola Artist of 2013 award. Can you speak on the honor, how it happened, and what the awards are all about?
Oh my gosh – I was super nervous because they had told us the winner had to give a short speech, and I have the worst stage fright, and G-Eazy was there and the painting I did of him was on display. It was definitely an honor I wasn’t expecting. It’s just nice to know people like my art, so thank you!

How else have you been involved in New Orleans art culture this year?
The ways I am involved have been a lot of fun. I curated two group exhibitions this year and that was really rewarding. On street art… I think any culture is strong when you’re immersed in it, but I’d say it’s more of a subculture.

How did you get started? What’s your history in art – both studio and street?
I suppose I got started at the tender age of 4 and a half with Barbi doll coloring books and mini tubs of Playdoh. From there I went on to major in Fine Art at UNO. Real though…I started college as a business major and just did art because I couldn’t imagine not creating something on a regular basis while I majored in business, so I got both. I never really thought art would be what I would end up doing so I’m hella thankful for that. Also shout out to my mom I definitely wouldn’t be able to do this without her continuous support.

With street art I got into it as a kid looking at writers who used “wild style” and I was always amazed by it. Then a few years back I was re-introduced to it via the love of my life. He is no longer in the city but we’re still really close and a lot of the people I met through him are now some of my best friends. I guess I really just relate to the lifestyle of it, which is just kind of a DIY – not really giving a fuck about anything attitude.

Love how your passion for music merges into your art. Has it always been like that?
The music really only comes through when I’m doing a live painting for a performing artist at a show. I meannnnn I listen to music while I paint.

Who are some of your favorite music artists? Including local folks?
Lately I’ve been listening to Mickey Factz, G-Easy, AER, and Hoodie Allen. A$AP Ferg is awesome, I painted for him recently. Locally I keep Lyriqs Da Lyraciss and Pell in my car at all times.

Speak on your style and process – love the quote “The process I use to create my recaptured images stems from the cognitive accumulation of tangible and intangible materials such as furry animals, baked goods, magazines, sex, lyrics, fashion and hip-hop and the graffiti lifestyle?” That probably sums it up, but want to ellaborate at all?
Meh, I just paint whatever whenever. My inspiration comes from everywhere.

You blend street art with more traditional styles. Who are some your influences – on both sides? Graff writers?
If I’m blending street art with more traditional styles its definitely not on purpose. I guess in the sense that I try to make art that’s fun to look at and doesn’t really have some deeper meaning behind it other than “oh I feel like painting this today”… I do tend to like lowbrow art over anything else. Dudes like Mark Ryden and Ron English are cool. I’m probably more influenced by graffiti writers than I realize just because those are my friends…I’m always around them. Swamp Donkey is one of my favorites. I don’t know him, but I love that little thing.

So cool you do live painting. Do you love the live environment, or are you most comfortable in the studio?
At first I hated it. I just did it as a means to expose my art to large groups of people at once. Now I crave it. I love painting for a crowd, I always get a positive response n’ shit.

Do you have a favorite live gig from the past, or a crazy story from any of your experiences at shows?
Mmmmm no. Everything has been amazing. Althoughhhh recently I got a call to paint a Saints player at this ultra fancy party – so that made me feel pretty special.

With all of the positive attention, your fan base must be growing. How are you finding becoming a rising star in the city?
It’s nice. I love going to fancy parties and popping bottles. Just kidding …I still paint pretty much all day every day.

Do you travel much for shows or openings?
Everywhere I go I see the same hoe… ha no I wish though.

So what’s next, what is your focus on at the moment?
Trying to curate another group show in February, but having some issues with location so shout out to anyone who has access to a warehouse and wants to let me borrow it at the end of February.

Where can people check out more of your art?
I really need to update my website, but:

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Stephen Cave: The 4 stories we tell ourselves about death

Philosopher Stephen Cave begins with a dark but compelling question: When did you first realize you were going to die? And even more interestingly: Why do we humans so often resist the inevitability of death? In a fascinating talk Cave explores four narratives — common across civilizations — that we tell ourselves “in order to help us manage the terror of death.”

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This Unreal MIT Invention Allows You To Reach Through The Screen And Touch Things

Arthur Benjamin: The magic of Fibonacci numbers

Math is logical, functional and just … awesome. Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin explores hidden properties of that weird and wonderful set of numbers, the Fibonacci series. (And reminds you that mathematics can be inspiring, too!)



Hetain Patel: Who am I? Think again

How do we decide who we are? Hetain Patel’s surprising performance plays with identity, language and accent — and challenges you to think deeper than surface appearances. A delightful meditation on self, with performer Yuyu Rau, and inspired by Bruce Lee.

In his compelling stage works, Hetain Patel uses powerful imagery and storytelling to examine questions of identity.

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