(Single) New York University Artist Orrin Releases New Single “Langston Hughes”

untitled (27)

As promised, NYC Hip-hop artist Orrin liberates another unreleased song from his catalog as he plans to do once a week until his birthday, March 2nd. Today, Orrin releases Langston Hughes, a song from the archived project titled Sean Mulligan. The compilation was originally released last May, containing songs from when the artist was sixteen and on. The discordant tape was taken down weeks after its release, instead focusing on the creation of his debut Nocturnal. Download Langston Hughes here


untitled (10)

Download Nocturnal here


“It’s memory without exegesis. It’s drama without melodrama. It’s hip-hop.”

-Respect Magazine

“Nocturnal is experimental, and focuses on creating lush soundscapes that mesh with the unique emotion of each song.”

-Skope Magazine

“Check out this new track from a very new, young artist named Orrin. Think SpaceGhostPurrp meets The Weeknd.”


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