Video: Ivan Ives – “Higher” (ft. Aron Marsh)

directed by Ivan Ives | produced by and featuring Aaron Marsh | Stranger LP out now

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Russian born/bred L.A. resident Ivan Ives presents the self-directed music video for “Higher”, the Aaron Marsh-produced new single from his new album Stranger. Ivan Ives originally stepped into the hip hop world in 2007. Rolling Stone named him among the next 40 artists to watch; SPIN called him one of 8 top unsigned artists; and XXL said “don’t let his indie rocker persona fool you – this guy can spit.” He’s worked with the likes of Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), Tre Hardson (Pharcyde), Percee P & Oh No (Stones Throw), The Cool Kids, Black Milk, O.C. (DITC), Vast Aire (Def Jux), Ceschi (Fake Four Inc), and many more. Having gone to film school, he directs most of his own videos – which have racked up over a million streams on YouTube without major distribution. “Aaron and I wrote the song at his studio in Lakeland, Florida,” says Ivan. “It’s a pretty weird song with alternating off-kilter time signatures, so it was really fun to work on. I wanted the video to reflect the uniqueness of the song, and so we tell a disjointed story about an astronaut lost in space or his own mind.” Click here to view the music video for “8mm” produced by RJD2.

Author: James Dunn

Official Music Video

Directed by Ivan Ives
Animation & Design by Matt Meilner

Purchase the song “Higher” on the album STRANGER,
available at or on iTunes:…

We love YouTube but sometimes they compress stuff a lot.
This video has a lot of intricate lines, so if you want to watch it in a higher-resolution,
Please check it out on Vimeo:

Written & Performed by Ivan Ives and Aaron Marsh
Produced by Aaron Marsh
©2013 No Threshold Records



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