Willis Earl Beal – Too Dry To Cry

Willis Earl Beal, who has one of the most interesting backstories in music, released a new one named “Too Dry To Cry.” What starts with a twangy guitar riff is quickly joined by powerful stomps and claps; by the time Beal’s firey vocals enter the picture it’s clear this isn’t like anything else you’ve heard from the Chicago native to date. With his sophomore LP, Nobody knows., scheduled to release September 10th it seems Beal really is coming into his own. Take a look at the album’s tracklist below and listen to the first single off of the project, “Everything Unwinds.”

Nobody knows. Tracklist

1 “Wavering Lines”
2 “Coming Through” (Feat. Chan Marshall)
3 “Everything Unwinds.”
4 “Burning Bridges”
5 “Disintegrating”
6 “Too Dry Too Cry”
7 “What’s The Deal?”
8 “Ain’t Got No Love”
9 “White Noise”
10 “Hole In The Roof”
11 “Blue Escape”
12 “Nobody Knows.”
13 “The Flow”

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