What My Father Taught Me About Money

Thought Catalog

When I was in high school, I wasn’t allowed to get a job. I begged my parents to let me work part-time, after school, but they said no. My Dad was very adamant about this.

“Your job is to be a student and get good grades,” he said. “Why do you need a job? What do you need money for? If you need something, you come ask me. I’ll determine if you really ‘need’ it or not.”

Well of course, most of my “needs” were determined to be “wants” (which they were) and denied.

It was like, so unfair.

Finally, I got accepted into a good private university and was about to graduate from high school. I again asked my Dad if I could get a job.

“Please?” I begged. “Let me get a summer job. I’ll be able to save money for college.”

“Save money for college, huh?”…

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