5 Things That Automatically Make Someone More Attractive

Thought Catalog

1. A guitar

We all know this to be true: An ugly person < An ugly person with a guitar. If you’re unattractive but singing/strumming/banging on drums to a captivated audience, you immediately become screwable. Why is this? Why were so many women willing to sleep with Rod Stewart and Billy Joel and pretend like they weren’t sleeping with complete eyesores? Why do we continue to be so blinded by someone who sweats, grunts, and sings to an audience of hypnotized people? Furthermore, why can’t writers have the same appeal?! Why can’t attending a reading have the same effect on someone as a concert? Actually, I guess it does in a way. Admit it. You would want to sleep with someone who’s even mildly famous because it validates us and makes us feel like a hot piece of ass. Hell, I would even sleep with Tyler from Teen Mom if…

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