Observations Of Spring Fever In New York, 2013

The thought catalog never disappoints. Here’s Violet’s Young take on Spring Fever.

Thought Catalog

I’ve been wondering whether there’s any point to living in a big city like New York when you’re in a relationship. Here are the kinds of things that happen, mostly, but not necessarily, at night, in the springtime in a big city such as New York. A group of good-looking thirty-something men yells BEAUTIFUL LEGS! at one of us as we walk by them, alone, wearing bike shorts at 10 o’clock at night (so the attention is not entirely unprovoked, but if a person can’t do and dress as they please in this city, where can they?) Another one of us is approached left and right by males and females of varying ages. Bartenders have quite routinely, since April or so, been writing their phone numbers on her bills. She shows us a photo taken at brunch the previous day, in which she has, for whatever reason, unzipped the front…

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